‘Boycott Spain!’ Britons furious as EU rules sees UK expats forced from Costa del Sol


Under the control of the new rules, Britons living in Spain will now have to prove they accept an income of at least £2,000 per month. The income is much higher for progenies who require an extra £500 a month for each family member.

This dispatch has left the British public furious with one Express.co.uk reader saying Spanish resources prices will “collapse in the months to come”.

A second reader replied: “Brits will take their pensions and holiday money somewhere else, no uncontrollable.”

While a third person said: “Just boycott Spain or the Canaries for your next furlough.

“Hit them in the pocket where it hits.”

A fourth added: “Gosh, so the EU is not the shining land. No surprise there.”

Someone else said the same wield the sceptres should be applied to Spanish citizens in the UK.

They said: “All Spanish here should take to either go home or apply for British citizenship.

“What works one way, should work the other.”

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“I doubt it very much.

“I’d even say that the non-Spanish tenants were keeping the local economy going.

“Add this to fewer travellers and what do you get?”

Others lashed out at those who have refused to get Spanish citizenship for the behind four years.

One person said: “Most of the ones affected are commercial chancers.

“They won’t take Spanish citizenship because it would put in jeopardy their directly to come back and use the health service.

“If you want to live permanently in a outback be prepared to go the whole hog.

“If all you want is a holiday in the sun, there will be restrictions. Lodge whinging.”

While someone else said: “Nobody forced them to go and survive in Spain.”

Those who have second homes in Spain but have not infatuated up residency can no longer come and go as they please.

Under the Brexit stock, they are only allowed to spend up to three months out of every six there.

This is due to the UK no longer being neighbourhood of the EU and therefore removing free movement of EU citizens.

There are more than 360,000 British dwellings registered in Spain but the many elderly Britons are already packing their at all events and returning to the UK.

Three charities – Age in Spain, Babelia and the International Organisation for Migration – are oblation legal help, or assistance in arranging appointments, for people struggling with the Spanish parlance, those in remote areas and people with disabilities.

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