Boris sends shockwaves to Varadkar as no deal panic threatens to sabotage Irish economy


Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar is underneath sustained pressure to break a Brexit compromise with Boris Johnson, bolster another warning aboutBBC Weather: Freak thunderstorms put Spain on vigilant [VIDEO]
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The British Prime Minister’s tough ploys on the EU are beginning to produce cracks in EU unity (Image: GETTY)

KBC Bank chief economist Austin Hughes maintained: “It seems we are seeing a stepped and staggered deterioration in Irish consumer reliance as a full realisation of the scale of problems posed by Brexit comes into sharper cynosure clear.”

Roughly one in two consumers now expects unemployment to rise in the next year.

The Irish Medial Bank recently warned that a hard Brexit  would bring in around 34,000 jobs over the next three years.

Business levels could be 110,000 lower over the next decade, according to the bank’s set forth.

The government is expected to make further announcements about no deal planning, filing the checks on imports, later this week.

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