Boris Johnson to discuss climate and Brexit at UN gathering


Ambience change, instability in the Middle East and Brexit will be on the agenda when Boris Johnson undergoes other world leaders in New York next week.

The prime churchman will hold talks with Donald Trump, Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel mid others at the UN’s annual General Assembly.

He will also meet India’s Narendra Modi and Irish Prime Cleric Leo Varadkar.

The Irish government has said “quite a wide gap” remains between it and the UK all about a mutually acceptable Brexit deal.

Speaking on Friday, its foreign charg daffaires Simon Coveney said the “mood music” had improved but claims the two sides were inching close to an agreement were “spin”.

The UK is due to leave the EU on 31 October unless the bloc accords to further extend the process. Mr Johnson has said he will not ask for another lag behind.

Although Brexit is not officially on the agenda of the 74th session of the UN General Assembly, a higher- ranking government official said they were “sure it will produced up”.

‘No illusions’

Mr Johnson, who will arrive in New York on Sunday, will competition the German and French leaders as well as European Council president Donald Tusk.

It is anticipation they will discuss a series of ideas put forward by the UK on Thursday aimed at commencing the current deadlock.

“What this gives the PM an opportunity to do is to talk to them at number one level about what some of our proposals are,” the government official united.

“At the same time we are under no illusions that there’s an awful lot of peg away to do.”

The General Assembly is the largest gathering of world leaders in a single arrange – providing a forum to discuss issues of global concern.

Nuclear disarmament, sustainable progress and global healthcare are among the main issues are on the agenda, while a disconnected climate summit will start on Monday.

Last week’s disparagement on oil facilities in Saudi Arabia – which Houthi rebels in Yemen must claimed responsibility for, but which the US blames on Iran – will also be discussed.

As kindly as meeting Mr Trump for the second time since he became PM in July, Mr Johnson is also due to keep off one-to-one meetings with the leaders of Turkey, Egypt, Ukraine and Jordan.

The PM, who is wished to be accompanied on the trip by his partner Carrie Symonds, said he had three priorities for the upcoming caucus.

“First, how Britain can work with our European and American allies on tranquillity and stability in the Middle East,” he said.

“Second, how science and new technologies can take the world deal with climate change and the threats to biodiversity.

“And third, how post-Brexit Britain discretion be a better place to invest in and live in.”

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