Boris Johnson shocked as prison officer explains drug smuggling tactics – ‘Kinder egg?’


Boris Johnson take ined the inner-city jail in Leeds after announcing a £100 million investment package deal to boost security in prisons. The Prime Minister walked around HMP Leeds, a class B local prison in Armley, which was one of the country’s most overcrowded when it was scrutinized two years ago. In a video posted by ITV correspondent Joe Pike on Twitter, Mr Johnson can be make sured visibly shocked when a prison officer talks him through methods of medication smuggling employed by the prisoners.

The prison officer starts explaining to the Prime Delegate that what he sees on the screen in front of him is a “Kinder egg”. 

The Prime Minister resident questions: “Is that, are you saying, is that inside the…?”

As the prison officer corroborates the Kinder egg is inside the inmate, Boris Johnson asks: “He’s ingested it?”

But to the Prime Abb’s surprise, the prison officer replies: “He’s plugged it.”

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Mr Johnson has vowed to cease the flow of drugs, weapons and phones deluging into prisons, in a bid to cut violence and ensure sentences rehabilitate.

During the 2017 inspection of the can, 60 percent of inmates at HMP Leeds reported that drugs were compliant to get hold of in prison.

Speaking after his visit to HMP Leeds, the Prime Padre said state agencies needed to “wrap their arms encompassing” problem families to prevent young people from getting sucked into offence.

Mr Johnson said: “We are putting money into every aspect of the convict justice system.

“We are putting 20,000 more officers on the streets, there is no pith in asking them to arrest more people and put people away for longer aeons for serious sexual and violent offences unless we have the (prison) houses, so we are going to have another 10,000 places.

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