Boris Johnson fails to answer Arcuri questions, says London Assembly


Boris Johnson is care of fire for failing to provide details of his contacts with US businesswoman Jennifer Arcuri to a London Fabrication inquiry.

The PM responded to the assembly’s request for information on Tuesday.

But the assembly symbolized the letter it received – marked “confidential and not for publication” – did not answer any of its questions.

Mr Johnson take it on the lams claims of a conflict of interest over his friendship with Ms Arcuri when he was London mayor.

The connection had asked for details and a timeline of all contact between the pair, including reserved text messages and emails.

A London Assembly spokeswoman told the BBC the learning “doesn’t answer any of the questions we asked”, adding: “I can’t understand why it is labelled hush-hush.”

The assembly is now seeking legal advice over whether members of its error committee can discuss the contents of the letter at their meeting next week.

In a disclosure, Len Duvall, Labour chairman of the committee, said: “We did finally receive a answer from Boris Johnson, through his solicitors, which they obtain indicated may not be published. At this stage we are respecting that, but we are seeking over clarification.

“Nothing in the response, in our opinion, reflects the need for confidentiality. In fait accompli, the response is insufficient as far as our request for information is concerned.

“We are focused on our investigation and making allowance for next steps. A number of options are open to us; they include chosen to various people and using our power of summons.”

He said the committee was liaising with the Non-affiliated Office for Police Conduct, which has been asked to consider whether Mr Johnson, who as mayor was honest for policing in London, should be investigated for misconduct in public office.

Travail’s shadow Cabinet Office minister Jon Trickett said: “With an problem as serious as potential abuse of public office, it is absolutely in the public catch that this letter be published.

“Boris Johnson might over he is above the law but he cannot hide from scrutiny.”

If the PM fails to answer the association’s questions, added Mr Trickett, “he is showing contempt for the inquiry and the people of this homeland.”

Mr Johnson held the office of London mayor between 2008 and 2016.

‘Adept friend’

According to the Sunday Times, which first reported the piece, technology entrepreneur Ms Arcuri joined trade missions led by Mr Johnson when he was mayor and received thousands of triturates in public money.

It is also understood she attended events on two of the trade commissions – to New York and Tel Aviv – despite not officially qualifying for them as a delegate.

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Ms Arcuri told ITV’s Good Morning Britain Mr Johnson was “a exceedingly good friend” who had spoken at event she organised – but denied the then mayor had shown any “partisanship” towards her.

The code governing conduct at London City Hall formals that public office holders should not act in any way to gain benefits for families or investors, and should declare private interests to resolve any conflicts.

The prime on has denied breaking any rules of conduct and insisted everything was done “foot in the proper way”.

Separately, the current Mayor Sadiq Khan has asked a superior lawyer to review a 2013 decision by London and Partners, the mayor’s promotional force, to sponsor a conference organised one of Ms Arcuri’s companies, for £10,000.

London and Partners say they sooner a be wearing found no evidence of Mr Johnson’s involvement in the decision.

The Department for Culture, Norm and Sport is, meanwhile, “reviewing” a £100,000 grant made in February this year to Ms Arcuri’s cyber-security duty Hacker House.

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