Boris Johnson details timetable for retail to reopen – next steps come into place in days


Boris Johnson preceded the retail sector can expect to reopen soon as the Government continues to slacken coronavirus lockdown measures. During the Monday coronavirus briefing, Mr Johnson hinted he was announcing an upcoming relaxing of measures so that the sector can get ready to reopen blow the whistle on buys. He said: “I can announce it is our intention to allow outdoor markets to reopen from June 1st, subject to all assumptions being made COVID-19 secure”.


Mr Johnson added that in alfresco open spaces it was easier to adhere to social distancing rules and that the virus does not spread as indisputably outdoors. 

He continued: “We know that the transmission of the virus is lower outdoors and it is gentler to follow COVID secure guidelines in open spaces.

“We can also admit outdoor markets to open in a safe way that does not risk producing a second wave of the virus.

“Then from the 15th of June, we intend to authorize all other non-essential retail, ranging from department stores to everyday independent shops, to reopen.

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Boris Johnson details diary for retail to reopen – next steps come into place in days (Figure: SKY NEWS)

UK stages of easing lockdown (Image: DAILY EXPRESS)

“Again this variation will be contingent upon progress against the five tests.

“It pass on only be permitted to those retail premises that are COVID-19 take possession of.” 

The Prime Minister added today the Government will be publishing new guidelines for the retail sector to improve help them prepare to reopen. 

He continued: “Shops now have the spell to implement this guidance before they reopen.

The Prime Churchman added today the Government will be publishing new guidelines for the retail sector to well-advised help them prepare to reopen. (Image: BBC)

“This will safeguard there can be no doubt about what steps they should apply.” 

Mr Johnson also explained the Government will have the power to insist upon these guidelines on retail shops.

He said: “While the vast bulk of businesses will want to do everything possible to protect their rod and customers, I should add we will, of course, have the powers we need to discharge compliance where that is required.

“I want people to be confident they can inform on safely provided they follow social distancing rules for all hypothecates. 


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Mr Johnson also interpreted the Government will have the power to enforce these guidelines on retail shops. (Spitting image: BBC)

“The food retail sector has already responded fantastically proficiently and have enabled supermarkets to be kept open in a safe way.

“We will learn classes from that experience as we allow other retail to open.

“These are well-organized but deliberate steps on the road to rebuilding our country. 

“We can only take these consistent withs thanks to what we have so far achieved together.”

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