Boris DEMANDS better service from BBC as Beeb starts charging over 75s TV licence fee


Termination year, the BBC announced it would be scrapping free TV licences for most over-75s message more than three million households will be forced to pay £157.50 a year. It was halted until August due to the progressing coronavirus pandemic.


The decision was met with criticism from both the Oversight and Age UK who called it a “kick in the teeth”.

They wrote on Twitter: “We’re bitterly unsatisfied by today’s #TVLicence decision.

“This is a kick in the teeth for millions of across 75s who have had a torrid time during the crisis.”

Age UK charity director Caroline Abrahams go on increased: “”Everyone needs to understand that under the BBC’s scheme scads hundreds of thousands of the poorest pensioners will be facing a bill they wish simply be unable to afford to pay.”

Boris Johnson lashes out at the BBC licence fee (Conception: Getty)

Over-75s will now have to pay for a TV licence (Image: PA)

Yesterday, the BBC fortified it would start charging people from August 1 after scoops the free TV licence would extend until October.

Now, Mr Johnson has fixed out against the corporation and called for the BBC to provide a better service.

His deputy spokesman averred: “We have been clear we are bitterly disappointed by the BBC’s decision not to extend the out licence fee beyond August.

“We don’t believe that easing lockdown qualifications means older people value TV any less than they did a few weeks ago.

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BBC faces appraisal over new scheme (Image: Getty)

“The BBC must now look urgently to kind sure how it uses its substantial licence fee income to deliver for people of all stages.”

The Prime Minister’s spokesman warned the BBC no decision had been made on decriminalising not reimbursing the licence fee.

They added: “We did not consult on decriminalising of the TV licence fee which tight on April 1 after receiving 150,000 responses.

“We are assessing those and wish respond in due course.”

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Boris Johnson condemns the BBC decision (Image: Getty)

Consideration all TV and film productions being halted due to the pandemic, the BBC chairman, Sir David Clementi, maintained they could not delay the scheme as it would impact programmes and employs.

He said: “The decision to comment the new scheme in August has not been easy.

“The BBC could not carry on delaying the scheme without impacting on programmes and services.”

Three million households wish now be forced to pay £157.50 for a colour licence and £57 for a black and white papers from August 1.

BBC chairman, Sir David Clementi, defends decision (Effigy: Getty)

Only those who receive pension credit benefit and past 75 will be eligible for a free licence.

So far only 450,000 out of 1.5million households prepare applied.

The licence fee is the annual cost viewers must pay in the UK and funds the TV, tranny and online services of the BBC alone.

Those caught watching television without a charter can be fined up to £1,000 in addition to court costs.

Last month, a drive to defund the BBC was launched by James Yucel, a student at Glasgow University, who catapulted the group “on a whim out of frustration”.

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