Boots meal deal PRICE HIKE: Customers could pay up to 60p MORE for lunch offer


Starting this week, the retailer is check the price hike in 34 stores across the UK. However, it has not been hinted clear which stores will be participating in the cost increase. The nourishment deal from Boots used to be as low as £3.39, but this will fly in some areas to as much as £4.49. London and airport stores typically have on the agenda c trick a set meal deal price of £3.99, but this could rise by 50p, or 12 percent, to £4.49.

Divisions elsewhere in the country usually sell a meal deal for £3.39, which drive go up by 60p to £3.99, the equivalent of 18 percent.

The meal deal from Boots consists of a essential, snack and a drink and typically offers savings of up £3.85.

It is unclear how long the fee hike trial is set to last and if the increases will be rolled out across all Boots supplies afterwards.

There are currently about 2,500 branches in the UK, including apothecaries.

A spokesman for Boots told The Sun: “We are committed to offering great value and we regularly examination all of our prices taking into account both internal and external deputies.

“Our meal deal pricing has remained unchanged for the past 18 months and we are currently trialling some variations on the assess in a small selection of our stores.

“Our aim is to maintain a truly competitive price together with the unthinkable range our customers enjoy and expect.”

The news of the price hike disappoint a amount to after Boots’ parent company issued a profit warning, lash its 2019 earnings forecast and reporting a disappointing quarterly profit.

Walgreens downgraded its adjusted earnings growth forecast for fiscal 2019 to roughly positive from a range of seven to 12 percent growth on a constant currency bottom.

The company, owned by Walgreens Boots Alliance, said at the time it is compelling “decisive steps” in the UK to cut costs, including a review of its stores.

Sales offed by 7.1 percent year on year to 3.1 percent, with a 2.3 percent forsake in like-for-like UK retail sales in its second quarter to February 28.

In February, the following announced 350 jobs were at risk in its head office as join in of plans to trim staff costs there by 20 percent.

A Boots spokeswoman understood “We currently do not have a major programme envisaged, but as you’d expect we many times review underperforming stores and seek out opportunities for consolidation.”

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