Bonfire Night 2016: Where to see the best fireworks displays in the UK


Bonfire Dusk, Guy Fawkes Night, Fireworks Night. It doesn’t matter what you on duty it, the day always ends the same way – with a black sky broken by exploding outshines of colour and the sound of thunderous cracks.

The celebration marks the anniversary of the end to Guy Fawkes’ thread to blow up the Houses of rliament in 1605.

Britain will light up its skies for the duration of this caboodle largely weekend, with Saturday November 5 the pinnacle.

Head to one of these tracking downs for the best fireworks displays and bonfire burning on offer.

Alexandra Residence, London

The ultimate London vantage point, Alexandra lace sets on an iconic pyrotechnics show each year.

There’s an unrivalled wide view, ice skating, craft beer village and street food on sell.

The piece de resistance – a gargantuan bonfire to warm the heaving crowds.

Confounding in early, the lace will host its fireworks festival on both November 4 and 5.

Hackney Firework Pyromusical, Clissold Reserve, London

These epic fireworks come with accom nying music, for a inform you won’t forget.

Gates open at 5.30pm and the display starts at 7pm, so you’ll have dilly-dally to weave your way through the funfair, performers and food and drink folds.

Battersea rk, London

One of London’s most picturesque rks on turn every shade of technicolour on November 5.

Gates open at 6pm in the presence of a bonfire lighting at 7.30pm.

Half an hour later, a fireworks make visible choreographed to a musical soundtrack will perform above the crowds.

Leeds Manor-house, Kent

It’s not just the fifth of November you have to remember – this swagger is spread over two days.

The majestic fireworks festival will be lighting up on November 5 and 6.

This year’s disclose is themed around the ‘Greatest Names in Music’ and starts promptly at 5.30pm.


Midsummer Common, Cambridge

Earliest comes fireworks, then comes bonfire in this spectacular active show.

Held on November 5, the dazzling display starts at 7.30pm and a inspirit will be lit immediately after.

Segedunum, Tyne and Wear

Segedunum Roman Fort on Hadrian’s Embankment is worthy of a visit any time of year.

On November 3, it becomes even Steven more enticing. Fireworks displays kick off at 6.30pm and you can take a unceremonious tour of the Roman Empire museum while you wait.

Lewes, Sussex

It seeks to be the biggest celebrated Bonfire Night event in the world and Lewes dynamics up to its reputation.

There are six se rate Lewes Bonfire Society’s taking on top of the town, featuring different displays and more than 30 sequences.

Kaboom, Castle Howard, York

With Kaboom in its name, this group is sure to ck a punch.

Bring a chair and a picnic blanket and strain out in front of one of the UK’s biggest mobile screens.

This year’s theme is flicks and there will be plenty of inspiration playing out to the crowds.

The festival depreciates this weekend on Saturday October 29, from 4.30pm to 10.30pm.

Meadowbank Capers Centre, Edinburgh

Edinburgh’s biggest fireworks display will spectacularly combust on November 5 at Meadowbank.

The anyway in the reality is more than 30 years old and this year’s theme is assigned to all things Sci-Fi.

Enter in your Star Wars or Back to the To be to come costume from 6pm, with fireworks starting at 7.30pm.

Glasgow Non-professional, Glasgow

There’s no bonfire at this Scottish soiree but with the animate showers raining down from above, you’ll hardly notice.

Enjoyment starts at 5pm and fireworks will begin two and a half hours later.

Glints in the rk, Cardiff

The biggest fireworks display in Wales is unsurprisingly, the worst. It’s been running since 1981 and draws crows in excess of 20,000 to bright up its sky.

A bonfire will be set alight at 6.15pm and the fireworks start at 7pm.

The East Grinstead annual fireworks put has been axed this year, because despite hundreds of chaps getting hot under the collar watching girls in leather bikinis acting tricks and shooting s rks from between their legs, multitudinous stood outside and watched the explosives for free.

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