Bombardier’s second Global 7000 flight test vehicle completes first flight

Bombardier’s second Global 7000 flight test vehicle completes first flight

The other flight test vehicle (FTV2) of Bombardier Business Aircraft’s Global 7000 and Wide-ranging 8000 aircraft programme has concluded its initial flight, ensuring the aircraft transcribe’s entry to service by the second half of next year.

During the four hour 28 memorandum latest flight, which took off from Bombardier’s facility in Toronto, Canada, assessing was performed on the FTV2’s aircraft propulsion, electrical and mechanical systems.

The flight also assayed the aircraft ascending to a height of 43,000ft, validating the vehicle’s performance at high-altitude.

Bombardier Far-reaching 7000 and Global 8000 programme senior vice-president Michel Ouellette bid: “The successful flight of the first flight test vehicle (FTV1) in November 2016 eased the way to the smooth flight of FTV2 this past weekend.

“The Global 7000 enterprise jet is expected to provide non-stop services between London and Singapore, as expertly as from Dubai to New York and other locations.”

“We are focused on meeting the book’s development and certification schedule and, once again, we have demonstrated our gifts to deliver results through the hard work and dedication of the highly skilled dui working on the programme.”

Featuring four living spaces and a dedicated group rest area, the Global 7000 business jet is expected to provide habitual services between London and Singapore, as well as from Dubai to New York and other locales.

Bombardier product development vice-president Francois Caza said: “We now have in the offing a flight test vehicle dedicated to testing the aircraft’s systems. Observations from FTV2 will supplement the successful results we have already related from test rigs, including the integrated systems test and certification rig (ISCTR) and, from the large flight testing of FTV1 to date.”

In November last year, Bombardier conducted the maiden desert of its first flight test vehicle (FTV1) of the Global 7000 aircraft presentation.

Image: Second Bombardier Global 7000 flight test agency takes to the skies. Photo: courtesy of Bombardier.

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