Blair: Brexit will lead to Scots UK exit

Tony BlairPortrait copyright Reuters
Image caption Former British PM Tony Blair was discourse with to a French radio station

Tony Blair has said he thinks Scotland order leave the Union if the UK votes to break away from the European League.

The ex-PM said he hoped voters in the forthcoming referendum would decide to stay a rt of the 28-member bloc.

And speaking to French radio, he summed: “In my opinion… if the United Kingdom votes to leave Europe, Scotland desire vote to leave the United Kingdom”.

Earlier, the UK government tabled a movement in the House Commons setting out some of the rules for the referendum.

There had been contemplation Prime Minister Cameron was pre ring for a vote as soon as June if his renegotiation map outs were approved by European leaders next month.

The UK government last will and testament hold a vote on membership by the end of 2017.

On Sunday, Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said a June EU referendum desire be “disrespectful” given the number of elections in May.

She also repeated her belief that a UK signify ones opinion to leave the EU, but a Scottish vote to stay, would lead to an “overwhelming insistence” for a second independence referendum.

Following Mr Blair’s radio interview, SNP MP Stephen Gethins implied his rty believed it “unacceptable for Scotland to be dragged out of the EU against its will”.

He augmented: “If Scotland is taken out of the EU against its will then obviously there purpose have been a fundamental breakdown in what should be a rtnership of countries and it is highly likely that this would trigger an overwhelming require for a second Scottish independence referendum.”

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