Black Summer spoilers: Is William Velez REALLY dead? Did he die?


Menacing Summer became an instant hit with horror genre fans when the victory series premiered on Netflix in April 2019. With a cast led by Jaime Royal as Rose and Sal Velez Jr as William Velez, Black Summer follows a union of survivors in the early days of a zombie apocalypse. As the drama came to an end in the from the start series, William was killed by Rose. However, the man behind William has exclusively hinted to that Black Summer fans may not have seen the last of the sign.

Is William really dead in Black Summer?

William’s death in Negro Summer was undoubtedly one of the hardest scenes of the entire first series.

Outrageous Summer fans watched as William hurt his leg in the season finale while seeking refuge with the rest of the group led by Rose.

In a heartbreaking moment, Rose resumed it upon herself to shoot William in the head to prevent him from being infected.

Anyway, should season two of Black Summer be given the green light, actor Velez Jr has hinted William could reach a surprise comeback.


Velez Jr told “I have to say, when I read it I felt like the way I felt when I saw Jon Snow (from Competition of Thrones) die.

“I almost felt like this can’t be possible, this can’t be incident right now.

“I knew, in the beginning, he was going to have a tragic death that would do to him, but I told the directors and I told everybody not to let me know until the very end because we listed a lot of stuff as we went along.

“I didn’t really want to know, neutral though I knew, I didn’t really want to know the details of it,

“You pine for to find out just as the audience finds out and you want to have a real revenge to it.”

However, the Black Summer star added: “I can say this, just identical to Jon Snow had his revival and comeback, I think that since they exceptionally don’t show the death of William and they don’t show the stuff of it…


“I’m going to leave it to the audience’s imagination to see what befalls in the next season.

“This Black Summer was a prequel to the Z Nation series and was the one summer that everybody soured zombie and the infection all came out

“This was years much sooner than when Z Political entity took off, so these producers and these writers they’re very much into correspondence prequels and writing a lateral kind of storyline so I wouldn’t be surprised.

“I distinguish a lot of people would want to see William but I don’t write or create it and I’m not even assigned to say whether I did [die] or not.”

Velez Jr continued: “I think it’d be exciting for a lot of the fans and the audience, they hump that storyline.

“I don’t want to know what happens in that on cloud nine, I just want to be surprised by it.”


Velez Jr may beget remained coy about William’s future on Black Summer, but he did reveal what he promises for the other characters.

The Black Summer actor said: “In that creation because it’s so apocalyptic, the first thing I’d wish for them to have is friendly.

“They’re running to survive and they’re running try and find their offsprings and they’re trying to reconnect with the people they love.

“I improvise there’s peace out there and it might be a kind of a worldly thought that Dick in those kinds of circumstances can find some peace and some reassure to their lives, even if they know their outcome is succeeding to be doom.

“Even if they know that something tragic is contemporary to happen to them, if they have at least one peaceful moment of their well entity, I think that’d be a well-deserved moment for them.”

Black Summer is at to stream on Netflix now.

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