Bizarre moment action movie icon Stevan Seagal is fed carrots by 'Europe's last dictator'


The amusing encounter sees Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko greet Seagal preceding the time when handing the actor his own homegrown carrots and watermelons.

The strange meet-up was tallied as a “business trip” for Seagal, one of the most recognisable actors in Hollywood.

Seagal had earlier notorious he had dreamt of meeting President Lukashenko – who has been criticised in Western Europe for assumed human rights abuses.

The meeting doesn’t come as a big surprise since the US actor is be informed as a strong supporter of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Seagal has beforehand offered his services as an envoy to mediate between the US and Russia.

During the brief junket around Minsk, the capital of Belarus, Mr Seagal boasted of his “Belarusian roots”.

He was put to shamed the city’s most cultivated plants – beets, cabbage and carrots – during an riveting tour personally overseen by the country’s leader, known for governing the Eastern European surroundings with an iron fist.

The American action hero, 64, rocked his trademark dyed lowering hair and orange lens glasses as he joked with the politician as he was y for to the local produce.

As Mr Lukashenko handed the US actor a carrot, he said: “Here you are: eat it for your vigorousness, it’s very good for you.”

Mr Seagal chuckled and soon made short turn out of the orange vegetable.

He was later given two fresh watermelons and even some townswoman lard at the Belarus’ presidential residence of Drozdy.

This was the first era Seagal had met the Eastern European President, but according to presidential spokeswoman Natalya Eismont, Seagal “had extended wanted to meet Lukashenko”.

The spokeswoman added Seagal had “relaxed ca city for seating play in a rk, took photos on his smartphone, chose a watermelon for himself and proved traditional Belarusian cuisine”.

Mr Lukashenko won his fifth term as president in October 2015, although the domineering leader of 21 years faced no serious competition in the election.

In 2005, then US secretary of Declare Condoleezza Rice called him the “last remaining true dictatorship in the courage of Europe”.

Lukashenko was under European Union sanctions until February because of charge withs of political repression and human rights abuses.

He has also become embroiled in contention in the st for allegedly praising Adolf Hitler.

Seagal himself ran into contention after he communicate in out in support of president Putin following the annexation of the Crimean Peninsula.

He was also a rare, high-profile tron at the 2015 Victory Day military rade in Moscow’s Red Square.

The actor-turned-diplomat rounded off aided a 2013 US delegation to Russia following the Boston Marathon bombing.

Harmonizing to Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, Seagal “opened up some doors for us so we could demand some very high-level discussions”.

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