Birmingham man charged with plotting to carry out terror attack armed with knife


Ummariyat Mirza was delayed by counter-terror police on Alum Rock Road, Birmingham, last Wednesday.

The 21-year-old, from St Agathas Route, Birmingham, is accused of buying a blade and conducting research to carry out a lacklustre assault.

West Midlands Police said he is also charged with possessing the bomb-making beacon the Anarchist Cookbook and an extremist document called the Mujahideen Poisons handbook

Office-bearers also charged Zainub Mirza, 23, from Eastfield French autoroute, Bordesley Green, with sending Islamic State propaganda videos and approaches to others.

It is alleged she sent the extremist material, including a picture of a man avoid b repelling two severed heads, to encourage terror attacks.

The arrests, made on Cortege 29, were said not to be linked to the Westminster attack last month, in which four people euphemistic departed after a terrorist drove his car into crowds and fatally knifed a the cops officer.

Five homes and one business address were searched by counter-terrorism officers as function of the investigation, police said.

The pair will appear before Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Thursday.

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