Bin it! Clean for the Queen campaign appears to have dropped 'racist' clanger…


A contest row has erupted after an unfortunate gaffe appeared on the posters and T-shirts mean to advertise the start of this weekend’s three-day nationwide clean up.

They were intended to show the slogan “Spick and S n Ma’am” but instead organisers used the season “spic” – a derogatory word for a person from a S nish-speaking country in South or Median America or a S nish-speaking community in the US.

Twitter erupted with anger upward of the unfortunate misspelling.

One person asked: “Are you aware you’ve put a racist term on your asinine notices? You’re missing a k.”

Sam Taylor, editor of The Lady, said: “If they’re going to go on all sides cleaning up the country they should start by cleaning up their rlance. It’s an unfortunate mistake and whether or not people are offended, they’ve used the crooked word.

“I wouldn’t suggest they put it on a commemorative tea towel.”

The Clean for the Movie queen cam ign is a scheme to tidy up neighbourhoods across Britain between Stride 4 and 6 ahead of the monarch’s landmark birthday on April 21.

Thousands of volunteers across the mountains took to the streets this weekened to remove litter from roadsides, rking-lots and city centres.

Organisers of the clean-up predicted a million people choice take rt in the UK’s largest litter picking event, which has find out the support of Prime Minster David Cameron and his Cabinet as well as celebrities, tabulating television presenters Kirstie Allsopp and Ben Fogle and the cast of Radio 4’s long-running soap oeuvre The Archers.

Schools were also encouraged to download material from the offensive including the “Spic and S n Ma’am” poster in the same style as the “Keep Repose and Carry On” design.

But last night event organisers denied the choice of words was offensive.

Cam ign director Adrian Evans said: “It is an ancient modus scribendi, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, which suggests two options on run. Spic and s n means neat and clean – which sums up our action perfectly.”

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