Billboard mocking women drivers prompts female auto shop owner to fight back


When Josie Candito encountered an auto business had posted a billboard mocking women drivers, she was sickened and upset.

So the Toronto auto re ir shop owner posted her own gesticulation to fight back.

“I had to stand up for women,” she said.

Last week, the spur at a used car dealership, Mellish Motors in New Annan, P.E.I., read: “Maids Are Like Snowflakes. They Can’t Drive.”

Mellish Motors

As a photo of the Mellish Motors relinquish circulated on social media, many were offended.

Now, outside Candito’s research, Master Mechanic, the billboard reads, “Mellish Motors … My Canada Covers Respect for Women! #Womencandrive.”

Candito said she posted the message to cause to remember Mellish Motors that “it’s 2016 and women are respected. We deserve profuse than to be treated like that.”

Many people were miffed by Mellish’s billboard, which quickly circulated on social media. “It’s sexist and un latable,” posted one woman on Facebook. “It gives the impression that it’s okay to lay off a whole gender,” wrote another. “It’s potentially harming,” added someone else.

Billboard wars

Candito bring to light Mellish’s billboard went against everything she’s trying to accomplish as the female holder of an auto business. She believes that because of the stereotype that lady-loves are clueless about cars, sometimes they are uncomfortable taking their instruments to a re ir shop.

“A lot of women will feel when they go in that the guy is wealthy to take advantage,” she said.

Candito adds that all blokes are treated equally at her business. She said if a woman — or a man — doesn’t know much relative to cars, her staff is there to educate.

“I just want the women all me to know I have respect for them and so does my staff.”

Sign crueled to be ‘cute’

Mellish Motors manager John Mellish has seen Candito’s put ones John Hancock on on social media. He said he never meant to offend her and wants woman to know, “I do respect women 100 per cent.”

He said his billboard was well-founded a joke. “The sign was meant to be cute,” he said.

Mellish routinely advertises funny messages, he said, and people in his community like them — registering his most recent jab at women drivers. “More than 90 per cent are denoting, ‘Keep up with your signs, we enjoy your jocosity.'”

And so he has. Following the furor s rked by his sign, Mellish posted the messages: “Petulant Women Don’t Read This Sign. You Know Who You Are!” and then “Notoriety Drama Queens, Auditions for Today Have Been Cancelled!”


John Mellish stands in forthright of a later message on his sign that he created after his original one set in motioned an uproar. ( Krystalle Ramlakhan/CBC)

Candito isn’t laughing.

The business possessor said she sometimes posts funny messages, but that everything she inscribes has a positive spin. One of her recent billboards read, “The Best Advisor Has Fur and Four Legs.”

“I use my signs to make people feel good and he obtained people feel terrible,” she said.

Despite the uproar, Mellish charts to continue posting messages that could ruffle feathers. His new one takes a jab at men. It reads, “Used Cars Are Like Husbands: Matchless Looking, But All Have Issues.”

Master Mechanic Josie Candito mellish motors

Josie Candito stands in front of her billboard feedback to Mellish Motor’s sign mocking female drivers. (Josie Candito)

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