Bill Rieflin dead: R.E.M drummer dies aged 59 as bandmate reveals star’s final moments


“He was elevated to see such great friends and gather at his favorite weird Chinese-American diner.”

Cogitate about the time he first met Bill, Michael continued: “A forever memory is decades old, when I earliest met Bill at a late night Policeman’s bar in Seattle, sat at a greasy table drinking scotch, and we heard to ‘Birdland’ off the jukebox in reverent silence and awe.

“His attentiveness to that song then and there disclosed a lot to me about what it would be to work with Bill— which launched to create some magical and beautiful collaborations and life long sociabilities.”

He went on to say: “And so to Bill now, he is among all the fine points of the stars and we are looking up with caress and with our own reverence for his beauty, his humor, his relentless curiosity and of course his astonishing musical ear, his time here with us so precious and golden.”

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