Big Bang Theory: What made Jim Parsons quit Big Bang Theory? Star’s emotional admission


Big Bang Theory is silently a popular comedy series which follows Sheldon Cooper (simulated by Jim Parsons) and his socially awkward friends. The series finished airing on CBS and E4 in May 2019, after Parsons stepped down from his capacity as the main character. The actor spoke to David Tennant during a podcast here what made him leave the series.


What made Jim Parsons retire from The Big Bang Theory?

Loyal Big Bang Theory fans were gutted to pay attention to the series was coming to an end after 12 seasons.

The final season saw Sheldon and his spouse Amy Farrah Fowler (Mayim Bialik) win a Nobel Prize in physics.

Since the series delivered airing it was revealed Parsons had wanted to leave, but the series was due to run for another two mellows.

During a chat with David Tennant, Parsons said: “I recollect it was a complicated road as you can imagine.

“I think we signed a two-year contract. I had a tinge in my heart that that would be it.”

During the 11th season he took on a function in a Broadway play, and he said it was a “very intense summer”.

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Big Bang Theory: Jim Parsons played Sheldon Cooper (Representative: WireImage/CBS)

Big Bang Theory: Jim Parsons at the series finale party (Likeness: Getty)

He said he would go to rehearse for the play after shooting for The Big Bang Theory – for which a reckon of 279 episodes aired.

Parsons said it was a mixture of events which opened his looks and helped him make the decision to leave.

He said: “On that first day off I rifleman a commercial and I was exhausted. “And I was upset more than anything that one of our dogs was awakening to the end of his life. He just looked so bad”.

Todd Spiewak, his husband, said they had to go and hurt the commercial and parsons said: “I just started crying.

“I said this dog is customary to die when I’m off working and I felt so bad.”

Their dog suffered a seizure and they make good a decision to have someone come to the house to put their pet down.

Big Bang Theory: Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik (Mould: Channel 4)

Parsons still gets emotional to this day speaking prevalent the death of his beloved pet.

After his dog’s death, he struggled during the final washing ones hands of Broadway shows and faced more bad luck on the final night.

He required: “I had one more show and I kept thinking ‘I don’t know how I’m going to get through to the end of this show.

“I walked out for curtain call and slipped and broke my foot”.

He was in a medical boot for some moment but managed to finish the show.

He said: “It was like the end of an era with the dog, and I had this half a mo of clarity of ‘don’t keep speeding by, use this time to take a look nearly. I have got to make a move’.”

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Big Bang Theory: Jim Parsons as Sheldon (Ikon: Channel 4)

Parsons said he wanted to start making decisions for himself as he recalled his clergyman died at the age of 52.

He said he would have been 46-years-old by the end of season 12, and he knew in on the other hand six years’ time he would be the same age his father was when he died.

Parsons pursues to act as the narrator for the spin-off prequel series, called Young Sheldon.

The series has been resurrected for a fourth season, but production was shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Since retreat Big Bang Theory, he took on a main role and helped executive construct the Netflix series, Hollywood.

He was nominated for a huge party of awards for his role in Big Bang Theory and has won a total of 18 awards.

After his long-running livelihood on The Big Bang Theory, he took on roles in a few films, including The Boys in the Confederate, which is in post-production.

He also starred in Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Woe and Vile in 2019 and A Kid Like Jake in 2018 – a film he also extruded.

The star recently revealed to Digital Spy that he would “not have been superior to handle” fame if he was younger.

Big Bang Theory airs on CBS and E4

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