Big Bang Theory plot hole: Who is Blossom? Fans spot huge Amy Farrah Fowler blunder


The Blossom innuendo is mentioned again in season six of The Big Bang Theory.

In one of the episodes Sheldon and Amy are talk overing Halloween costume ideas.

One of the suggestions on Amy’s list is Blossom and Joey from the 90s sitcom.

Mini did fans know she actually played Blossom in the series.

In The Big Bang Theory Amy was discovered by Raj and Howard as a passive love interest for Sheldon.

They found her through an online go out with service and the pair have a lot in common.

Despite struggling to get their relationship on prints throughout the series, they end up marrying each other.

They had suffered a hiatus up but got together and moved in with each other.

The Big Bang Theory is readily obtainable to watch on All4 and Netflix

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