Biden blinked first! Putin gloating Russia has upper hand over US – bitter showdown looms


During a justification yesterday with the Russian President, Mr Biden offered to hold the pinnacle on neutral ground amid growing tensions between Moscow and Washington over and above border conflicts with Ukraine.

Increasing numbers of Russian troops on the frontier with Ukraine sparked widespread alarm and warnings from NATO.

But during his hearing with Mr Putin, the US President reaffirmed Washington’s support for Kiev’s pro-Western regulation.

He urged Russia to “de-escalate tensions” but also offered to hold his prime face-to-face talk with Mr Putin on “the full range of issues surface the US and Russia”.

Konstantin Kosachev, the chairman of the foreign affairs committee of the Russian parliament’s later house, said the conversation was a “very important step forward”.

He required: “It was a very important step forward… news on a global decrease.”

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov added the offer would be “forced”.

But key figures in Moscow – including Kremlin opponents – have seen the arouse as a win for Mr Putin.

Garry Kasparov, an outspoken critic of Putin’s regime, commanded: “A summit?

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Referring to the US readout, Mr Solovyov said: “200 assurances!

“But where are those on human rights?

“Not a word on gays in Chechnya, not a poop on LGBT+ and especially not a single word on Navalny.”

Fyodor Lukyanov, editor-in-chief of the documentation Russia in Global Affairs, said the Kremlin would see the prospect of a convocation as a “major achievement”.

He said: “In Russia, the prospect of a meeting will be presented as a principal achievement, and in a sense, it is because not long ago Biden said offensive concerns b circumstances about Putin and, when asked to talk, said there was no period.”

Mr Biden has been a vocal critic of Mr Putin and last month he was asked whether he contemplation the Russian president was a killer to which he replied: “I do.”

However, Mr Putin hit vanquish at the remarks and said: “I remember in my childhood, when we argued in the courtyard with each other we cast-off to say: ‘It takes one to know one’.

“And that’s not a coincidence, not just a children’s saying or buffoon.

“The psychological meaning here is very deep.

“We always see our own traits in other people and contemplate they are like how we really are.

“And as a result, we assess (a person’s) activities and provide assessments.”

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