Beyoncé Makes a Surprise Cameo at the Grammys and Casually Addresses Her Haters


Moment news spread that Rihanna had canceled her Grammys performance on Monday gloaming, we were a little scared that the show would be lacking some precarious #BlackGirlMagic — but, true to form, Beyoncé came to save the day and bring some flawlessness to the concoct. The “Formation” singer popped up to present the award for record of the year to Impression Ronson and Bruno Mars for “Uptown Funk,” just an hour or so after her wraith was announced at one of the commercial breaks. In her presentation, Beyoncé casually addressed the reaction following her new single and Super Bowl performance, saying, “Art is an unapologetic memorialization of culture through expression.”

Before her surprise Grammys cameo, Beyoncé urged headlines — and caused backlash — with her new music video and subsequent Wonderful Bowl Halftime Show performance; many felt as though the telling imagery in her set was inappropriate — a concept that Saturday Night Live recently squibbed with a skit in its latest episode. Keep reading to see Beyoncé at the Grammys, then discontinuance out 10 things you may not know about her “Formation” video.

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