Best Boyfriend in the World Turns His Girlfriend and Himself Into Disney Characters


Notice boyfriends: this is how you win Valentine’s Day. Reddit user BrianDangerFlynn enlisted the domestics of talented artist Dylan Bonner to replicate some of Disney’s scad famous scenes — but with himself and his girlfriend as the stars of the images rather than. Even their dog, Willa, makes a cameo in one of the pieces of art. Brian asseverated that he and his girlfriend, Manini, love Disney movies, so this was extremely much the perfect move to make for Valentine’s Day.

“I want our relationship to be as epic and permanent as the animations we grew up on, so I decided to have us inted into some renowned Disney scenes and surprise her for Valentine’s Day. It’s been a secret for three months, and I can’t cool ones heels to show her! I contacted Dylan about this project three months ago. I sent him tons of photos of Manini and me and images of the Disney spheres I was hoping he could mimic. I’ve been bursting at the seams trying to safeguard this a secret! I’m surprising Manini with prints of these outlines tonight. I have a feeling she’s gonna love them. Wish me chance!”

We’re pretty sure all Disney fans can agree that Manini is active to be as impressed with both the idea and the execution as we are. Check out the amazing idols and see if you think the intings look like the real couple.

Source: Dylan Bonner Art via Reddit narcotic addict BrianDangerFlynn

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