Best bank accounts for FREE money: How to switch and earn £250


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Whip to the best current account for free money

Instant access redemptive and ISA account continue to languish and dismal lows. In comparison providers precarious for new current account customers are offering lump sums of cash and top prejudiced rates.

For example, new TSB customers can make £250 by switching to the bank.

The provider transfers £130 to anyone who switches via MoneySupermarket or MoneysavingExpert.

Customers who joined after March 2017 command also receive £5 a month if they set up two direct debits, and another £5 if the debit plan is used 20 times in a month, to earn another £120.

Furthermore, the bank account pays three per cent move rate on balances up to £1,500.

Another option for savers is a First Direct account, which pay off a recompenses £100 for new openings.

Customers can then open the five per cent unvarying saver, which allows up to £300 to be paid in every month for a year – although no withdrawals can be make out during this time.

It’s also worth considering the Halifax Return Current Account, which pays £75 to new customers and then £3 a month, as covet as £750 a month is paid in, the balance stays in credit and two direct in financial difficulties are set-up.

Savers with relatively large savings pots and the vigour bill-payer of a household may do well out of Santander’s 123 account which pays 1.5 per cent infect on a balance of up to £20,000.

Mobile, TV and broadband bills direct debts on the account also retrieve cashback of three per cent, energy bills receive two per cent and, drinking-water and council tax get cashback of one per cent.

However, the 123 account has a fee of £5, so it’s outstanding to make sure the benefits will outweigh this charge.

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