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University of the Arts London (UAL) come forwards vocational short courses such as interior design and others that advance a grounding in key skills such as service design.

At University of the Dexterities London (UAL), we provide thousands of short courses that help being work out the best way to develop their career, get inspired and learn new facilities. We know that deciding to reinvent yourself can be an overwhelming decision and manoeuvring the array of upskilling options can be daunting, but there have never been so profuse ways to evolve your creative focus.

Whatever your debate with for wanting to head in a new direction, you can make small changes happen without should prefer to to completely start from scratch. We are big believers that one small mark can be all that it takes to get you started moving in the right direction.

At UAL Short Courses you can plunge yourself in our studios, get your hands dirty, learn how to use new equipment or reveal a specific software skill by joining a one-day workshop in our digital entourages. Whatever you choose, all of our short courses are designed for students that are rated in learning something new, developing their skill, making new friends and at most giving something a go.

Best of all, short courses are delivered throughout the year, so you can make a schedule that suits you and remain focused on your career while hazardous undertaking into new creative territory in your free time. Many of our needful of courses are the perfect add-on that can help keep you motivated and get your profession heading in the direction that you want to go.

Boost Your Career

Care Design and Innovation Intensive

This 3-day immersive course travels service design as a human-centred problem-solving process. If you are in a role with modernization, strategy, design or customer service as part of your remit, you resolve gain valuable skills and knowledge that you can apply directly to your toil.

Explore Wellbeing Through Art Making

Health and Wellbeing Through Art Framing Short Course

The benefits to health and wellbeing through the creation of art are likely documented. On this course, you will learn about your own capacity to balance yourself by immersing yourself in art therapy and getting hands on in the studios at Chief Saint Martins. This course has been developed for anyone involved in in making art and understanding how and why art making can have a positive impact on health and wellbeing.

Enhance an Interior Designer

Interior Design – Module one 

Interior Design – Module two 

Secret Design – Module three 

It’s never too late to change career! At Chelsea College of Art you can secure a thorough understanding of Interior Design principles, develop a portfolio and a powerful skill set on the following Interior Design Modules:

These intensive orders are highly practical and will give you all the hands-on skills that you have occasion for to work in Interior Design, as well as an insider’s understanding of the field.

Start a Firm

Essential Guide to the Fashion Business

Maybe one of our fashion entrepreneur seminars at London College of Fashion is what you need to finally get your mode enterprise off the ground?  MBE Alison Lowe will introduce you to the various varied areas of the fashion industry business, giving you an insight into how they all elaborate, and an idea of which area you might like to work in.

At UAL Short Tracks we have options that work around your career with no doubts beginning throughout the year, running during daytimes, evenings, Saturdays, weekends and online. Ways are available in all of our subject areas, including art, design, fashion, communication and deportment.

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