BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg demolishes Nicola Sturgeon’s campaign for Scottish independence


Laura Kuenssberg questioned Nicola Sturgeon atop of democracy as she explained Scottish people chose to stay within the Westminster group. She went on to say the political leader “can’t pick and choose between votes”. Ms Kuenssberg suggested: “You say all the time you won’t allow Scotland to be dragged out of the EU out of its will.

“It wouldn’t be egalitarian. But people in Scotland chose through democracy to stay part of the Westminster approach.

“You can’t pick and choose which votes are more important, can you?”

Speaking to BBC Bulletin, Ms Sturgeon responded: “I’m not picking and choosing.

“Scotland didn’t vote for self-assurance in 2015 but we were told in that referendum we shouldn’t pick autarchy to protect our position in the EU.

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Mr Podmore explained: “The SNP administration still slavishly follows EU rules on maintenance to ailing industries.”

He referenced how the SNP has refused to help failing national upbraid works in Glasgow because EU “state aid rules mean that it is not reachable to take over the site”.

Similarly, a wind farm fabrication situations in Fife will not be receiving any support from the administration, meaning 500 contracts are at risk.

Mr Podmore said: “A campaign to achieve renewed orders from stem to stern public procurement has been turned down citing EU rules against glory aid.”

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