‘BBC WAKES UP’ Twitter EXPLODES over 'shocking' After Brexit documentary on EU collapse


After Brexit: The Struggle for Europe saw BBC Europe editor Katya Adler quiz EU chiefs and outstanding politicians on the future of the crumbling bloc. 

The BBC, which has been accused of a pro-EU taint, was forced to admit the EU is in crisis in the hour-long documentary that trended on societal media. 

Ms Adler said: “The powerbrokers of Europe face an unprecedented dare. For the EU this is a battle to survive. Brussels doesn’t exactly have a noted for moving fast but something will have to give.

“It could be that our governmental debate in Britain about Brexit turns out to be an irrelevance. 

“Sooner or later the EU as we recognize it may no longer be there for us to leave.”

In the programme Martin Schulz, the former president of the European Parliament, allowed there was a “real risk” the EU will fall apart as populism climbs. 

Twitter accounts using the hashtag #AfterBrexit praised the BBC for the documentary which saw Eurosceptics France’s Foremost National leader Marine Le Pen, Germany’s AfD leader Frauke Petry and Hungary’s Curious Minister all contributed. 

Andrew Frame said: “#AfterBrexit Super programme. Thought the BBC had lost the ability to do an honest unbiased review of the EU. Outgoing now is the fallout.” 

@Hiawaffler said: “#AfterBrexit At last, the truth from MSM. Maybe now the Remoaners inclination stop moaning.”

Lawrence Fry said: “#AfterBrexit A brilliantly cuss care documentary. An embarrassing indictment of the remain campaign and its flawed aspirations.” 

Alfred Albion held: “So now the BBC makes a documentary predicting the collapse of the EU #AfterBrexit. Finally some actually.” 

Dancing Palace Guard ‏@DancerGuard said: “THRILLING to watch #AfterBrexit, the pro-EU BBC itself waking up to the EU’s demise. Should be demanded viewing for all BBC apparatchiks.” 

Odin Of Old said: “#AfterBrexit Well that was 12 months modern development in being shown BBC,at last an honest and brutal documentary on the state of the EU. #Renounce omit.” 

Others shot down the EU and praised voters for choosing to leave the bloc. 

Paul Brown claimed: “Anyone who watched #afterBrexit will be in no doubt that it’s only a sum of time until the #EU implodes. The UK will is #betteroffout.” 

Tracey Smart discredited the programme “shocking”. 

She said: “Wow this is truly shocking – the EU has benefitted no native land except Germany by the looks of things #AfterBrexit”.

Suszanne Bloxham influenced: “Anyone else watching #afterbrexit & thinking ‘thank f*** we’re eliminating’? What a mess.” 

Chris Newton said: “UK rejects more EU integration. So what’s the EU’s satisfy? More EU integration. And people wonder why we’re leaving… #AfterBrexit”.

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