BBC Two rolls out six new idents


The new ardours join the award-winning set launched last year, which was the first rebrand of the mortal channel in 20 years.

BBC Two has reckoned six new idents to its repertoire.. Bosses hope the animations, created by branding consultancy Superunion and an in-house devise team, showcase the channel’s “commitment to specialism, challenging and complex proceeding.”

There are a range of designs for this year’s new additions, with procedures this time including futuristic lightshows and what look match tempestuous storm clouds. Creators suggest the diversity of the idents honour and “knit together” the channel’s eclectic schedule.

The shorts were collaboratively tip off a exaggerated by a team of animators. They feature work from studios numbering FutureDeluxe, Buck Design, Weareseventeen and More & More. Music to go along with the shorts was composed by award-winning sound designer Alex Baranowski.

Conclusive year BBC Two controller Patrick Holland said actions were being captivated to “reinvigorate” the channel. These new idents represent “part two” of the process.

The monogram 16 idents launched last year represented the first rebrand for BBC Two in 20 years. You can assume from about the full project here. The set, which departed from the ditch’s previous “2-themed” idents in favour of colourful animated shorts, was awarded two Sketch out Week awards in both the identity rebrand category, and TV, film and video graphics.

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