BBC TV licence fee row erupts as angry caller tears into BBC over cost – ‘It’s a joke!’


See through the Prime Minister’s suggestion the BBC licence fee needs “looking at”, the debate greater than the future of the broadcaster has erupted. Ministers have agreed the licence fee purposefulness stay in place until at least 2027, when the BBC’s Royal Permission ends. The fee for a colour TV licence is currently £154.50 a year. It will fly in line with inflation until 2022.

Licence fee revenues was worth £3.6bn to the BBC in 2018-9, accounting for approximately 75 percent of the broadcaster’s returns and funding TV, radio and online content. Last year, 25.8 million households had TV latitudes.

The Government and the BBC are currently involved in a dispute over the funding of free TV leaves for the over-75s.

Mike from York called into Mike Graham’s TalkRadio presentation to offer his take on the heated debate.

He told the radio host: “The effects is, why do I have to pay £150 to the BBC to watch Sky? That’s what I can’t get my head round.”

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bbc iplayer tv licence bbc iplayer tv licence fee (Image: TalkRadio / BBC)

Boris Johnson criticised the free choice: bbc iplayer tv licence bbc iplayer tv licence fee (Image: SKY)

He added: “It’s like settlement a taxi to get on a bus. The service is much more inferior than anything else.”

Mr Graham revealed: “But also they will say to you, well it doesn’t matter if you don’t watch telly, you still have to buy a TV license because you will access other BBC handlings.

“I don’t have a problem with that. If I want to listen to Radio 1 or if I indigence to watch BBC Parliament channel, I have no problem paying a little amount of riches for that to be the case.

“What I don’t want is them deciding to take all my in dough and start up some kind of website, or start up BBC 3, which is of no use to man or monster, then say they’re going to shut it down, then keep it affluent.”

MIKE GRAHAM: bbc iplayer tv licence bbc iplayer tv licence fee (Image: TalkRadio)

He added: “I show, it’s a joke, isn’t it?”

The caller agreed: “Not only that, I’ve just been impute to Gardener’s World. If I subscribe to something, then I shouldn’t be paying them anything kicker.

“I mean, half the stuff that they do now, I haven’t got a clue not far from.”

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European TV Licence Fees: bbc iplayer tv departure bbc iplayer tv licence fee (Image: EXPRESS)

Mike from York keep up: “I’m one of those people where I don’t sit on the laptop all the time.

“But the BBC should download Gardener’s Set’s information free. You shouldn’t be going to the newsagent and buying a magazine.

“At least Dick Turpin harassed a mask.”

The TalkRadio presenter said: “I think the BBC is overproduced, it’s overburdened with living soul, it’s overburdened with money, and it’s overburdened with operations.

“It needs to be slimmed down massively.”

BBC spokesperson revealed: “As we’ve said before, the licence fee ensures a universal BBC which serves everyone, is the most in favour funding system among the public and is agreed as the method of funding the BBC for another 8 years.”

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