BBC licence fee: Fury at recruitment of £325k bias monitor – ‘Beeb needs to be DEFUNDED’


In the interim Defund the BBC, the campaigning organisation which is pushing for the licence fee to be scrapped, has proposed the corporation is “like the Titanic heading towards the iceberg”. Ken MacQuarrie, in days the BBC’s director for nations and regions until he stepped down at the end of 2020, has been handed the function of Executive Sponsor Safeguarding Impartiality, retaining his salary in the process.

Mr Lowe have an effected “It is absolute nonsense. I think it is a very good example of why the BBC scarcities to be defunded.

“Because at the end of the day all this nonsense is just misleading people as to what is legitimate and what is not real.

“It is an example of how central planning distorts reality.

“Most people in this state, if you told them about this, would not know what his job was. I am rather well-versed in life and I don’t.

“The Government criticises the private sector for the amount of well-heeled they pay and then they allow this to happen.

“Quite frankly Richard Marked needs to pull his bloody finger out and sort it out.”

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To continue the EU analogy, it’s like when Nigel Farage alleged to Herman van Rompuy: ‘Who are you?

“Who is this fellow? I have never heard of him in advance.”

Rebecca Ryan, Campaign Director of Defund the BBC, told “Ken make be paid £325k per year out of licence fee payers’ pockets to tell us what we already recall – that the BBC is incapable of adhering to its Charter obligations to represent all of the UK and deliver objective programming.

“The BBC is plummeting in the polls but again we are seeing PR and crisis management once again substance.

“Are we expected to believe that a man who has worked his entire adult existence for the BBC and was responsible for, and failed to deliver, regional representation will suddenly be skilful to steer the Titanic away from the iceberg? We all know the answer to that one.

In a averral issued today, a BBC spokeswoman emphasised Mr MacQuarrie’s tenure was limited.

She go on increased: “As announced in September, Ken MacQuarrie will leave the BBC this year after proclaiming new measures to reaffirm the Corporation’s commitment to impartiality with the Director Broad and Director of Editorial Policy.

“He is also working on a number of other key corporate plans and ensuring a smooth transition with the new Director of Nations.”

Mr MacQuarrie, who has been with the BBC for 45 years, is watch overing impartiality training for more than 20,000 staff. He will be liberty in the spring.

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