Barcelona crackdown on cruise ships to curb tourism & cut pollution – will it affect you?


Barcelona sail ship holidays could be set for change as the city’s Mayor pledges to confine the number of cruise ships allowed to dock in the destination in Spain. Limiting the number of embarks permitted would serve to reduce pollution in Barcelona and lower visitant numbers. Barcelona is Europe’s busiest cruise ship destination. Almost 2.7 million passengers disembarked from 800 ships in 2017, reported neighbourhood paper Catalan News. This has seen the city top a list of 50 European moorings for the worst cruise ship air pollution, according to analysis by sustainable ship group Transport & Environment.

Barcelona’s mayor, Ada Colau, also daydreams to reduce the number of tourists flooding the city.

A survey by the Barcelona Town Council last year highlighted tourism as one of Barcelona’s biggest problems.

Colau is also attacked to Barcelona’s airport expanding. “We don’t have infinite capacity,” she said.

The mayor added after a take in to the Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior, which docked in the city: “In Barcelona we call for to act on all fronts,” according to The Guardian.

She also said: “We can not resign ourselves to the certainty that children are breathing filthy air.”

A number of neighbourhood associations and environmental squads have spent years campaigning against the number of cruise ferries in Barcelona.

Spanish politician Gala Pin once compared passengers to “a pester of locusts,” reported The Guardian.

A spokeswoman for Cruise Lines International Group (CLIA) told CLIA adheres to the Climate Emergency asseverated by the Barcelona City Council and to the initiatives deriving from the Climate Crisis Table constituted by members of the Barcelona + Sustainable network, the municipal groups, the Generalitat and the Spanish Guidance.

“Despite representing a small part of the maritime transport sector – the liveliness of the cruise ships in the Port of Barcelona represents only 1.2 per cent of the urban district’s pollution (within 7.6 per cent for all the activity of the Port) and 6.7 per cent of the unalloyed passenger scales.

“The cruise industry is at the disposal of the Bureau to continue achieving and improving – as we have always done – and expresses its full support to all the plans focused on the improvement of air quality and the sustainability of Barcelona as a tourist destination.

“The coast industry annually contributes with 2.1 million passengers to the thorough of 30 million tourists who stay or are day trippers in Barcelona every year. Whilst representing only 8 per cent of perfect tourist traffic, cruise passengers account for 20% of the total disbursement.”


Barcelona is not the only city cracking down on the number of cruise despatches.

Venice in Italy also wants to restrict numbers, with Mayor of Venice Luigi Brugnaro urging Unesco to position the famous city on the world heritage blacklist in a bid to preserve it. 

The Unesco blacklist is unemotional for sights under significant danger. There are 54 currently, most of which are in Africa and the Mean East.

Last month Brugnaro criticised Italy’s transport help Danilo Toninelli for not approving a plan to divert cruise ships from the detailed Giudecca canal.

The backlash against cruises escalated in June when sail ship MSC Opera crashed and injured five people. Venetians gain possession ofed to the city’s streets and canals in protest at the enormous vessels clogging the waterways and show a hazard.

If Venice were placed on Unesco’s blacklist entry into the municipality would be significantly restricted.

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