Bali: Instagram couple criticised after man slaps girlfriend’s bottom with holy water


Bali is a approved holiday destination but it’s important visitors respect local rules and dues on the Indonesian island. A couple on holiday in Bali have been caned after they showed disrespect at one of the island’s key religious sites. Sabina Dolezalova and Zdenek Slouka, from the Czech Republic, were veiled by a friend at Beji Temple in the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary. The video, which has in a moment gone viral after being posted to Instagram, shows the four performing an action branded as “disgusting.”

The short clip shows blonde Sabina appropriate up her skirt and exposing her bare bottom next to a holy water well.

Zdenek then proceeds to fill his hand with water from the ritual spout and slaps his girlfriend’s derrière with it.

Sabina can be seen squiggling away and laughing at the action before the video comes to an end.

The cheeky video was initially posted to Instagram where the three boast a combined following of 85,000 users.

However, it was spotted by Dr Arya Wedakarna, who reportedly labours as a senator on Bali.

He reposted the video on Instagram to his Instagram following of 172,000 where it charmed widespread criticism.

Wedakarna said in his post that the pair were “hounding” Beji Temple in a post that has since been liked hardly 6,000 times.

Sabina, a bikini fitness competitor, and Zdenek, an online guide for nutrition and training, deleted the video on their own accounts and have since blow up b coddled their profiles private.

However, their actions have been slapped as “disgusting” and “insulting.” One Instagram user said of their “stupid” initiatives: “As a tourist, you should have learned about the local culture, faith, and what you can do or what you can’t do before you came to the country that you want to call.”

“It’s not funny, it’s disgraceful, that woman has no grace,” another person remarked. “I am really sorry to everyone in Bali, we tourists from the [Czech Republic] are not all the that having been said.”

A third posted: “Come on, don’t be stupid saying that you didn’t take [any] idea about it,” another wrote. “Look at you [now,] pretending that you are penitential but when you did it you laughed at our holy temple. Use your brain.”

The Czech brace have since uploaded a video apologising for their actions in Bali.

“We are so penitent about the video from yesterday, we dishonoured the holy temple and sanctified water in Ubud and we didn’t know it,” Zdenek said. “So, we are so sorry forth what happened.”

“We had no idea [about] the holy water, holy cathedral… we really didn’t want to do anything bad, we are so truly sorry, and we hope you can cancel us,” Sabina added. “Now, we are just trying to do what we [can] to fix it.”

Sabina is said to father made a financial donation to the village after the incident in a gesture of apology.

“A deliberate contribution was proposed to the local village. Whatever amount Sabina and her investors give, it is up to them and purely voluntary,” Daniel Šimkovič, the woman’s boss, told local media, Yahoo reported.

Earlier this month, a 7.0 dimensions earthquake struck off the Indonesian island of Sumatra – a separate island to Bali 1,749 km away.

The seism fitness hit at a depth of 59 km (37 miles), about 227 km (141 miles) from the town of Teluk Betung on the island.

Those on the banten coast, Java Ait, had to ”immediately evacuate to higher ground” by the Indonesia disaster mitigation intervention.

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