Bahrain's severing of diplomatic relations with Iran unconstructive step


Moscow cannot assess Bahrain’s finding to break off diplomatic relations with Iran as a constructive step.

In Russia’s way of thinking, the latest development is not adding to mutual understanding, but, at the same time, the Russian side does not deliberate on that all remaining member countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council wish also sever diplomatic ties with Tehran.

“Severing thoughtful relations is not a very constructive step… It is not contributing to mutual understanding. Sooner, it is necessary to maintain contacts, enter dialogue and discuss disagreements in require to find a solution,” a Russian Foreign Ministry source told Interfax on Monday.

When provoke b requested whether other Gulf Cooperation Council members could move behind in the footsteps of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia and decide to break off diplomatic relationships with Iran, the source said: “I do not think so because, certainly, they induce the cooperation council where they coordinate approaches to some emanations, but not to all issues.”

The Sultanate of Oman “pursues a more balanced approach toward Iran and has more advanced relations with this country,” he put. 

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