B.C. employers now prohibited by law from keeping workers’ tips


Hands in British Columbia’s service industry are welcoming a new piece of legislation that will-power prohibit employers from taking a share — or all — of the tips left by blokes. 

“Those are supposed to be their wages,” said Labour Minister Harry Bains on Monday. “The bread is left behind for the service that they provide to the customer.”

Eric Nordal, 33, tallies. He’s a bartender in Victoria who has spent more than half his life in the handling industry. 

“As anybody working in the restaurant industry knows, it’s low-wage chef-doeuvre and it’s precarious work, it’s part-time work,” said Nordal. “Tips are a bloody significant part of how we eat and how we pay rent.”

Nordal also works as a project straw boss with the Retail Action Network, a non-profit organization that traverse b recovers involved in labour issues.

He says it has increasingly become industry pedestal for employers to manage tip pools, and in many cases take a percentage for the obligation, or withhold tips as a disciplinary measure.

Employment Standards Act amendments organized on Monday will make it illegal for employers to take any of the tips, except in proves where they’re performing the exact same job as the staff.

Tip pooling on still be permitted, and employers can continue managing those tip pools to divide up the money among staff, but cannot deduct or withhold tips.

Nordal hinted his group was pushing for the law to dictate that tip pools have to be managed by cane, but the B.C. government didn’t go that far.

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