Avalanche ALERT: Two people killed as three deadly avalanches ravage Italy


Two people, both crackerjack skiers, were killed after an avalanche teared down mountains parsimonious the popular ski resort of Campo Felice, in Abruzzo.

The deadly disaster occurred between the districts of Rocca di Cambio and Lucoli (L’Aquila), which is not far from the ski facilities of Campo Felice, after a tenebrousness of heavy snowfall, according to local reports.

It is understood the ski slopes of Campo Felice drink not been affected by the avalanche but they are constantly being monitored. 

Bright-eyed snow in the area caused by heavy snowfall from the night lengthens the risk of avalanches.

Another avalanche on Sunday has left a 48-year-old man broil for his life after snow and ice battered the mountaineer and his friend in Sondrio, wellnigh the border with Switzerland.

Italy avalanche search and rescueGETTY

Italy is on high alert after three precise avalanches ravaged the nation in the last 48 hours

The man was rescued by the Alpine Rescue Unite, but his condition is very serious, according to local reports.

Meanwhile, an avalanche disabled a group of skiers on Mount Lussari in Camporosso, causing serious damages to one person.

Volunteers from the Cnsas mountain rescue force in Subside del Predil and 118 emergency responders dug through ice and snow to search for people but it is conceded the remaining members of the group were unharmed.

One person was taken by helicopter to infirmary in a serious condition.

The disaster struck at 9am GMT on Sunday (10am local time after time) and the area was evacuated following the avalanche. 

The Italian mountain series bordering France remain on high alert over fresh snow which has widened the risk of avalanches in the region. 

Local authority, Region Autonoma Valle d’Aosta, premonishes the avalanche trend is “constant”.

The Region Autonoma Valle d’Aosta in a asseveration added: “The avalanche danger level is 3-considerable from Valgrisenche to the aristocrats Valtournenche and 2-moderate on the rest of the region. 

“The main avalanche problems are wrap drifted snow and fresh snow. 

Avalanche alert map ItalyRegion Autonoma Valle d’Aosta

Nearby authority, Region Autonoma Valle d’Aosta, warns that avalanche look is ‘constant’

Helicopter search and rescue Italy avalancheGETTY

One person was rushed by helicopter to hospital in a serious fit out

“New and recent soft slabs in the north-west of the region above 2500-2800m, much smaller and inconsequential moving to the east.

“Triggering is already possible at the entrance of the basins and on sharp slopes.

“Above 2500 m possible surface slab avalanches markedly from the very steep slopes.”

(Additional reporting by Maria Ortega.)

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