Autopsy drawings show how Jason Corbett shielded himself from attacks

Saturday 30th January 2016

Autopsy monochromes illustrate the sounds suffered by Jason Corbett

Jason Corbett with Molly Martins

Mr Corbett’s girl Friday wife, Molly Martens (31) and her father Thomas (65), be suffering with been charged with second-degree murder and manslaughter.

The family of the rtner claim they were acting in self-defence when Jason was frequently struck with a ving stone and a baseball bat, causing numerous se rations and wounds.

Molly and her father Thomas are due back in court on February 8 in drag relatives with the murder of Jason. They have yet to make a plea in the crate.

The autopsy report, which will play a key rt of the prosecution occasion at the murder trial later this year, shows he has multiple lacerations and breakages all over his head, face and body.

Extensive injuries to his left readily are thought to have been sustained as the 39-year-old Irish man made a hungry for effort to shield himself from blows, along with abrasions to his normal arm and hand.

Autopsy drawings show how Jason Corbett shielded himself from attacks

The autopsy report from the Davidson County Medical Examiner formals that the Irishman was “ap rently involved in an altercation in which he was possibly knock down with a baseball bat and/or landscaping stone”.

It stated: “The autopsy documented multiple mitigate force im ct sites of the head, notably including two large, complex, armed, full-thickness scalp lacerations, as well as extensive skull fractures numbering a hinge fracture of the skull base.

“Based on the autopsy findings and circumstances abutting the death, as currently understood, the cause of death is listed as blunt significance head trauma. The manner of death is classified as homicide.”

Official instruments show how police set out a damming 14-point affidavit to establish probable make for the murder case.

It states that police were told in sign interviews that Jason was choking his wife Molly inside the control bedroom in the early hours of August 2, 2015 when her father Thomas Martens was awoken by the breach of the peace and intervened by striking Jason on the head with a baseball bat.

The former FBI power told police it had been a “Donnybrook” or uncontrolled fight, but police popular that neither Thomas nor Molly suffered any injuries.

Her maternal uncle, Michael Return, said he believes his brother-in-law and his niece will be exonerated at their crack, which is expected to be held at the end of the year, as he believes the 911 call where Thomas petitioned Jason was choking his daughter.

Autopsy drawings show how Jason Corbett shielded himself from attacks

Thomas Martins

Search warrants coordinating to the investigation indicate detectives initially wanted to pursue a first measure murder charge when they were looking for evidence for their box.

A top US legal TV expert argued last week that the multiple whistles which killed the Limerick father-of-two showed excessive force tied in a case of alleged self-defence.

Jason’s family and the family of his first woman Mags have voiced their deep distress at claims that the doting Limerick dad was in any way barbarous.

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