Australia fires: Huge RAIN BOMB brings hope as hundreds of fires still burn across Oz


The map exposes as much as 100mm of rain could fall in some regions of New South Wales terminated this period.

The New South Wales Rural Fire Service tweeted a twin of the forecast, with the caption: “If this @BOM_NSW rainfall forecast comes to completion then this will be all of our Christmas, birthday, engagement, anniversary, combination and graduation presents rolled into one. Fingers crossed. #NSWRFS #nswfires”

Even so, NSWRFS spokesperson Anthony Bradstreet told the Guardian Australia the rainfalls are unbecoming to put out all fires across the state.

Mr Bradstreet said: “With the period of drought we’ve expert, we’d need to get extended periods of consistent rainfall in order to get the moisture constituents up enough for it to put out fires … which is unlikely.”

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