ATR and NAC sign deal for 15 aircraft


Aircraft industrialist ATR has signed an agreement with Nordic Aviation Capital (NAC) for the sale of 15 ATR-600 skids, comprising 12 ATR 42-600s and three ATR 72-600s.

These aircraft, along with five from an happening order between ATR and NAC, will be leased to Silver Airways, a US-based airline mending.

The deal marks the introduction of ATR-600 series aircraft in the US.

NAC chairman Martin Møller imagined: “The ATR aircraft is firmly established as a cornerstone of NAC’s portfolio of modern regional aircraft.

“This aircraft typeface allows us to offer our customers a significant reduction in fuel consumption and one of the most undisturbed cabins in its class, through our tailored leasing solutions.”

“The ATR aircraft is immovably established as a cornerstone of NAC’s portfolio of modern regional aircraft.”

The delivery and following starting of commercial service of the first ATR-600 aircraft at the beck Silver Airways is scheduled to take place in March.

It will spotlight 46 seats in a 2-2 seating configuration with a pitch of up to 32in.

The deliveries of the leftover aircraft are expected to be completed by the first quarter of 2020.

ATR will also minister to crew training for the new aircraft at its Miami-based facility, which features a crowded flight simulator (FFS) for the ATR-600 series aircraft.

The new aircraft are arranged to replace Silver Airways’ existing fleet of 21 Saab 340B turboprops.

Carry out the addition of the new fleet, Silver Airways is expected to increase the frequency of the ranking routes and introduce new services to destinations in Florida, the southern US and Caribbean.

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