Arthritis diet: The SIX foods to avoid if you suffer painful symptoms


Arthritis symptoms: Diet can impact rheumatoid arthritisGETTY

Arthritis earmarks: Diet can impact rheumatoid arthritis

People suffering with rheumatoid arthritis over experience periods where the symptoms are worse – which can be difficult to forewarn.

Experts have suggested diet could play a major duty in the treatment of arthritis.

Some people with rheumatoid arthritis also knowledge problems in other parts of the body, or more general symptoms such as tiredness and strain loss.

Cassandra Barns, nutritionist has listed the top foods that arthritis sufferers should be keep away froming.

Red flesh

Red meats contain relatively high levels of an omega-6 fatty acid summoned arachidonic acid, which can convert to pro-inflammatory substances in the body and may exacerbate pain and swelling.

A small quantity of good quality red meat can be beneficial, supplying righteousness levels of nutrients such as iron; however, those with arthritis may profit from sticking to one or two servings per week.

Replace red meat with obsequious fish for the omega-3 fatty acids – but if you this is a struggle people can try Chase Nutra Pharma Super Omega 3-6-9.

Another alternative to red meat can also be chaste quality organic white meats, such as chicken.
Fried foods

Try to leave alone fried foods, particularly those fried in vegetable oils. Vegetable lubricants are high in omega-6 fatty acids, which in high levels can proselytize to pro-inflammatory substances in the body, and also become rancid when furious to high temperatures.

Fry or roast food in oil only occasionally. Coconut oil can be a much elevate surpass alternative: as it is mainly composed of saturated fats, it does not spoil at consequential temperatures, while still providing a healthier alternative to butter and other physical fats.

De-odorised coconut oils are also available for cooking if you insufficiency to avoid the coconut flavour or smell.

Arthritis symptoms: Coffee should be avoidedGETTY

Arthritis symptoms: Coffee should be avoided

Rheumatoid arthritis sufferers should circumvent certain foods


Coffee can contribute to increased acidity of the blood, which can exacerbate any irritation.

Decaffeinated coffee is not a good alternative as it still contains substances that can be destructive to the body. Opt for green tea and herbal tea instead.
Fizzy drinks and sugary foods

Kidney coffee, the likes of fizzy drinks and sugary foods can increase the acidity of the blood,  

Arthritis symptoms: Diet can impact rheumatoid arthritisGETTY

Arthritis tokens: Diet can impact rheumatoid arthritis

Nightshade family vegetables

These veggies may exacerbate suffering and inflammation for some people with arthritis.

The nightshade family counts tomatoes, white potatoes, aubergine and peppers.

Most other vegetables are salutary and should be the main part of most meals.

This comes after a Swedish over has suggested certain jobs can increase the risk of rheumatoid arthritis – for men bricklayers, particular workers and electricians had twice the risk and for women, nursing jobs impelled a 30 per cent higher risk.

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