Armed gardai at Monk’s family home

Armed support car near The Monk's home

Armed fortify car near The Monk’s home

Extra units of armed gardai maintain been deployed after Hutch returned from the S nish leading of Madrid on Friday.

Mr Hutch was immediately given a Garda Information Import or GIM, by detectives when he landed in Dublin Airport.

A GIM is an official warning by gardai that there is a credible portent to his life.

Gardai in marked and unmarked cars, along with armed commissioners in Audi Q7 Armed Support Vehicles were mounting checkpoints and watch operations near Hutch’s home.

The feud erupted when gunmen, who are have the courage of ones convictions pretended to be connected with Hutch’s gang, killed Kinahan cartel fellow David Byrne in an attack at the city’s regency Hotel on the 5th of February.

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