Argentina shooting: British tourist shot dead in Buenos Aires – one injured


The cops in the city have confirmed the victim killed is a 35-year-old tourist from the UK. The distinctiveness of the victim is not yet known. The shooting also saw another tourist injured. The nationalist of the maltreated tourist is yet to be confirmed by police.

The attack occurred as the tourists approached a voluptuousness hotel in the Puerto Madero area, the Argentine news agency Telam suggested.

Naval officials said in a statement that assailants on a motorcycle, outwardly supported by accomplices in a car, tried to steal the belongings of the tourists.

The tourists ventured to resist.

One was shot in the groin and the other was shot in the right lung.

The younger has been pronounced dead.

Police have launched an investigation to think the attackers.

The shooting happened at 11am outside the Faena Art Hotel in the Argentinian large letter.

The man who died was aged 35.

The man injured is 28.

It is not yet known if the two men are known to one another.

This is a fail to observing news story.

More to follow…

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