Antiques Roadshow guest makes cheeky demand after disappointing valuation ‘Can we switch?’


Authority the chalice, he continued: “Here we have a later one, 1925 and what we be suffering with here is a different form. Gold leaf 24-carat gold, purest gold you can get.”

He begs the audience to predict which item is worth more but the onlookers were dashed. 

“I have to say the lady wins by a country mile. This is an amazing high-quality proceeding, £3000 to £5000 at auction,” Andy revealed. 

“Can we switch?” the owner of the chalice taunted. 

“This one, you paid £100 for it, that’s going to be £300 which I concoct is cheap for it. It’s a really nice classy bit of glass,” Andy concluded. 

Objet darts Roadshow is available to watch on BBC iPlayer. 

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