Antiques Roadshow: Guest left reeling after Charlotte Bronte ring is valued at HUGE sum


The company brought along a small ring for Geoffrey Munn that had been inscribed pear-shaped the inside with “C.Brontë” as well as the date Charlotte died.

The Out of dates Roadshow contributor explained how they had found the ring in a locked box privileged her recently deceased father-in-law’s attic.

Inside the ring behind a hinge, a engage of the Jane Eyre author’s hair had been plaited and placed.

Geoffrey explicated on the BBC show how memorial jewellery was common at the time.

He said: “It was a convention to promulgate jewellery out of hair in the 19th Century.

“The terror of not being able to remember the browbeat a admit and the character of people who had died, and so this is part of make a true souvenir, an incorruptible shard of the person that has died and to wear it. It wasn’t uncommon.”

He went on to make plain how Charlotte herself had similarly themed jewellery for her sisters.

“It echoes a bracelet Charlotte had that the fraction of her two sisters which she wore with an amethyst for devotion.

“So it is absolutely the zero in of the mid to the late 19th Century but also the focus of Charlotte Bronte herself.

“The inscription looks root credible to me and the date of death. Everything points to this being scrupulously what you thought it was and it’s not only pulse making for you but it’s pulse making for me.

“Here we arrange something from my point of view, utterly and completely credible. An stirring part of British literary culture and enormously difficult to value.

“Intrinsically it looks as although it’s some sort of nine carat gold alloy and I doubt frankly that it would be significance more than £25.

“But I think as a relic of one of the greatest romantic novelists of the 19th century, the maker of Jane Eyre, that we have to put a very different sum on it indeed.

“The agitation is escalating for me and you and for everybody else because I think this tiny, teeny-weeny little thing is worth £20,000.”

The guest couldn’t believe what she was sanction as she was visibly shocked and brought her hands up to her face.

“Oh my gosh! You should’ve provendered me with a seat!” she exclaimed.

Referencing her daughter she had brought with her, the contributor continued: “She can make the rabbit she’s been going on about!”

Speaking to the camera she also augmented: “My husband has just done a 12 hour nightshift and this is why he’s not here today, he’s in bed factual now.

“So I’ve got some pretty big news to tell him!”

Antiques Roadshow continues Sunday at 8pm on BBC One.

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