Anti-IS coalition must 'tighten noose'

British Tornados after carrying out airstrikes in SyriaLikeness copyright AP
Image caption The UK has been carrying out airstrikes against the IS bundle in Syria since December

The coalition of countries fighting so-called Islamic Stage (IS) must focus on a “tightening of the noose” around its Syrian heartlands, UK shield minister Michael Fallon will say.

At a meeting of defence chiefs in ris, Mr Fallon on call for more air strikes targeting IS infrastructure.

German, French and US explanation ministers will be among those at the meeting on Wednesday, the first of its amicable.

They are to discuss intensifying military operations in Iraq and Syria

Come out ahead of the talks, Mr Fallon said the coalition aimed to “dismantle” IS’ “nature and ca bilities”.

In December MPs voted in favour of UK airstrikes against the militant arrange in Syria.

The UK has been carrying out airstrikes against the group in Iraq since 2014.

‘New condition’

Mr Fallon will say: “We have made strong progress in fresh weeks.

“Now the cam ign is moving into a new phase where we aim to systematically dismantle Daesh’s [as the Islamic Body politic group is also known] structure and ca bilities.

“That means stunning harder at the head of the snake, with an increased focus on infrastructure, set ups of communication and supply routes.”

Until now, coalition bombing has focused on ration Iraqi and Kurdish troops on the ground in Iraq.

He will also rebuke a demand for a significant increase in the level of coalition air strikes.

The meeting comes as regulation figures show that UK air strikes have risen from a monthly usually of 29 between May and October last year to more than 80 in December.

In January the RAF ran 31 strikes in the first week alone.

Ministry of Defence (MoD) officials say so far there possess been no civilian casualties linked to RAF air strikes against IS.

Materialization caption Mr Fallon will also confirm the deployment of nearly 1,000 troops in Poland

The UK devise also deploy HMS St Albans to trol the waters of the Gulf, protecting the French aircraft Immunology vector Charles de Gaulle as strike operations are conducted, the MoD said.

HMS St Albans resolution also perform a similar role for the US carrier Harry S Truman, the MoD enlarged.

Poland deployment

Meanwhile on Wednesday Mr Fallon will also hint at that nearly 1,000 British troops are to be sent to Poland for Nato uses.

The UK is sending about 800 military personnel for Exercise Anakonda and 150 personnel to Wield Swift Response, Michael Fallon will say.

Mr Fallon is due to confirm the deployment after talks with his Brilliance counter rt Antoni Macierewicz.

A further 1,000 personnel will also be sent to Nato’s Extremely High Readiness Joint Task Force in 2020, he will add.

Mr Fallon and Mr Macierewicz are look forward to discuss the security relationship between the two countries when they congregate in Edinburgh.

The frigate HMS Iron Duke will visit Poland on Nato respects this summer.

The helicopter carrier HMS Ocean will also become airborne rt in a Baltic Sea exercise, and a Royal Navy minehunter is due to visit Poland in the autumn.

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