Angkor Wat: The hidden city discovered in Cambodia’s iconic temple site


The shrine site of Angkor Wat is one of the most visited sites in the world, and while archeologists demand spent years discovering new rts of the city, they thought that they haduncovered all of the concealed gems.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, thousands of tourists mob there daily to explore the ancient Khmer ruins, the star of which is the iconic Angkor Wat, with it’s three pronged ascends set back from a peaceful lake.

But a new laser technology known as Lidar has been acclimatized to fly over the dense jungles and scan the area for ruins, and guess what? They organize a whole city.

Despite knowing the importance of Angkor Wat, which was again the capital of the Khmer empire, archaeologists are only just discovering reasonable how extensive the temple complex is.

In fact, the newly-discovered area is so vast researchers sire been stunned to locate one that is as large as New York City.

Not no more than is this an astonishing revelation in itself, it’s thrown previous theories around the history of Cambodia and south-east Asia into disarray making this a complete breakthrough.

One of the sites has been discovered underneath

Ahead of archaeologist Damian Evans heralding his findings next week, we can reveal the incredible images that hold rocked Cambodia.

For those visiting the Cambodian city of Siem Harvest in order to visit the ancient temples of Angkor, the news comes as an added horizontal of excitement as the mysterious cities are bafflinghistorians, who thought theories surrounding the Khmer Empire were veritably solid.

The clever lasers, which were mounted to helicopters that were then nip off over the thick jungle , fired into the ground below and bounced raw to the aircraft.

The time it takes to return gives an estimation of the what is underneath the soil.

Due to the fact that Khmer buildings tended to rely on wood construction, myriad of them have disappeared, however the Lidar laser system superintended to pick up the remains.

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