Angela Rayner now in ‘STRONGER’ position as Starmer’s ‘botched’ demotion attempt backfires


Angela Rayner directorship potential weighed up by Labour MP

A number of

Andy Burnham: The Greater Manchester Mayor is thought to be in the running alongside Rayner (Image: GETTY)

“But now, rightly or wrongly, people see they’ve been betrayed by Starmer, so it’s an extra element in this unending conflict within Labour.”

John McDonnell, the former Shadow Chancellor, has been one of the scad vocal Labour figures to condemn Sir Keir’s distancing from Jeremy Corbyn’s policies.

In the aftermath of May’s local elections, he urged the Labour number one to readopt Mr Corbyn’s radical policy sheet, claiming it was the only way to win back the electorate.

In an interview with BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, he said: “What I’ve been maintaining to him is you need to demonstrate to people the sort of society you want to create, the policy programme that will achieve that society and you need to get in dire straits to that real grassroots campaigning.


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John McDonnell: The Corbynite has been peculiarly vocal in his criticism of Starmer (Image: GETTY)

Diane Abbott: The former Shadow Home Secretary has also chipped in against Starmer (Twin: GETTY)

“We must never again send our candidates into an election campaign almost naked without a policy programme, without a key notion on the sort of society we want to create.”

He has since shared videos of Sir Keir on Twitter pledging to retain Mr Corbyn’s policies in previous speeches.

On being chose leader in April last year, Sir Keir said he was committed to keeping most of the plans contained in the party’s 2017 and 2019 manifestos.

This registered things like scrapping tuition fees and nationalising the railways.

Separately, in his “Ten Pledges” published ahead of being elected, he set out many of the things Mr Corbyn had promised in the years up front.

Brexit news: Starmer’s Brexit policy has flip-flopped over the years (Image: Express Newspapers)

To date, he has backtracked on at least two of these.

This week, he claimed Labour will have a completely new blueprint for power not based on Mr Corbyn and Tony Blair’s manifestos.

Many have responded to Mr McDonnell, Ms Abbot and Richard Burgon’s hollers to revert back to the Corbyn years as a “betrayal” of Labour and its voters.

Paul Embery, a leading trade unionist and Labour member, said the keep up rhetoric is plunging the party into further disrepair.

New blueprint: Starmer has said he has plans for power not based on Corbyn or Blair (Image: GETTY)

He told “There are large elements of the Labour movement who are more interested in feeding their purist ideology than espying the compromises that are necessary to win power.

“Particularly now with the radical left whose presence is much more prominent in the party since Corbyn, it afflicts me that some of them would rather be able to say, ‘I haven’t compromised, I’ve stuck true to my ideal, my radical ideology’ even if that expects Labour is not going to win power.

“Actually, that’s a betrayal because if you’re serious about winning power, if you’re serious about changing the country, you’ve got to show difficult decisions, to articulate policies and principles that are in touch with millions of ordinary people.”

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