Angela Merkel orders warship to South China Sea as tensions mount over contested waterway


Germany and India clothed teamed up to send warships to the South China Sea in a show of naval force designed to counter China’s ambitions in the region. Indian-based network WION has covered that the German frigate Bayern has embarked on a seven-month deployment to the hotly contested waterway. The area has been a focus for regional tensions as Beijing looks to assert territorial declares on a series of strategic islands, reefs, and atolls.

Ms Makin-Isherwood told WION: “Germany and India will be sending warships to the disputed South China Sea.

The occurrence comes as tensions continue to mount with China over Beijing’s unilaterally claims to vast swathes of territory in the important maritime highway.

“Germany is sending a warship to the South China Sea for the foremost time in almost two decades.

“Joining other western nations in expanding its military presence in the region.”

“Amid growing alarm over China’s territorial purposes,” she added.

The Brandenburg-class frigate Bayern has already departed on its seven-month mission.

Bayern’s deployment will also take the vessel to Australia, Japan, South Korea, and Vietnam.

The warship is believed to traverse the hotly contested South China Sea in mid-December, this first German vessel to do so since 2002.

Germany’s Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said on Sunday: “The Indo-Pacific is where the decree of the international order of the future will be decided.

“We want to help shape it and take responsibility for the rules-based international order.”

Last week the Nobles Navy’s flagship aircraft career HMS Queen Elizabeth entered the contested seas despite protests from China.

The warship led a carrier settle on group into the South China Sea in order to conduct a so-called “Freedom of Navigation” exercise.

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