Angela Merkel coronavirus scare: German Chancellor in quarantine due to COVID-19 fear


Germany is one of the giantest hit countries in Europe with coronavirus and has implemented strict measures to try to shut the deadly virus. On Sunday evening, German Chancellor Angela Merkel clinched she would go into quarantine after coming into contact with a doctor who has tested peremptory for the coronavirus. The German Chancellor will continue to work from to the quick despite being in isolation.

Mrs Merkel will also submit restated COVID-19 tests over the next few days, the spokesman said.

The spokesman joined that it was too soon for a conclusive test on her at the moment.

On Friday afternoon the German Chancellor learned a vaccine shot against pneumococcus, a pneumonia-causing bacteria, from a doctor who later tested thetical for the coronavirus, according to the statement.

It comes as coronavirus has swept across the continent cardinal to thousands of deaths.

On Sunday, Germany announced they were banning turnouts of over two people due to COVID-19.

“The great aim is to gain time in the fight against the virus,” Chancellor Angela Merkel perceived a press briefing.

For at least the next two weeks, people will not be gave to form groups of more than two in public unless they charged together in the same household or the gathering is work-related.

As part of stricter ordinances, restaurants can only offer takeaway services and hairdressers and beauty, rub-down and tattoo parlours must close.

“The danger lies in the direct community interaction,” state premier Armin Laschet said.

Despite authorizing over 24,000 cases of COVID-19, the nation has one of the lowest cataclysm rates, with just over 90 deaths.

On Sunday the sticks announced an additional 2442 cases of coronavirus and nine new deaths.

Germany, nonetheless, is far behind the hardest-hit country in Europe, Italy.

Italy, on Sunday, recorded a auxiliary 651 new coronavirus deaths, in the last 24 hours, taking the sum up to 5,476.

But, in some good news for the country, the rate of increase in new infections was nine percent – the lowest since outbreak initiated.

Italy has imposed a strict lockdown to try to prevent the spread of the deadly virus — with the mother country reporting 53,578 cases.

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