Andrew Neil leaves Macron ally furious over BRUTAL Brexit mauling ‘You’re PM’s spokesman!’


Andrew Neil queried the French MEP over whether the EU would agree to level up to UK standards in a craft deal. This comment seemed to frustrate Ms Loiseau who went on to without a doubt why this issue had suddenly become so important.  She questioned whether the British people had been soundly informed in their vote for Boris Johnson’s Tory Government and their designs on the environment, state aides and Labour laws.

Mr Neil said: “I don’t rather understand where the level playing field comes in here.

“But if we are wealthy to have one for the sake of a free trade agreement would the EU be prepared to even up to UK standards.”

Ms Loiseau answered: “What is interesting in our conversation is that we not at all had this conversation before your election.

“I would like to differentiate if the British voters were well informed on the will of this Supervision to diverge on the environment, state aides or labour laws from the European Marriage.

“We have to have coherence between us.”

Andrew Neil then launched listing the difference between the UK and France regarding state aide and troubled laws.

He said: “The UK enjoys 39 weeks of paid maternity cause in France you only get 16.

“France spends twice as much on state right-hand man to business.”

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