Andrew Marr sparks angry backlash over ‘thick’ Ruth Ellis attack on The One Show


Marr was publicising a new series of screens and books when he compared Ellis with British actress Diana Dors after the duo starred together in film, Yield to the Night, a crime drama published in 1957. He said: “Diana Dors and Ruth Ellis were in the unaltered film more or less when the Queen came to the throne.

Diana Dors comes Britons correlate with talk back to a be accountable to Marilyn Munroe. Ruth Ellis, just a bit less talented and a bit denser frankly, ends up manipulated a guy, shoots a very, very abusive boyfriend and is the in woman in Britain to be hanged.

“And that death eventually ends choice punishment in Britain after a big campaign.”

But after an angry response from viewers, The One Certify host Alex Jones said to the politics journalist: “The internet has exploded because you called Ruth Eliis thick apparently.”

Marr moved by clarifying: “She wasn’t as clever as Diana Dors.”

One Twitter user disclosed: “Nasty of #AndrewMarr to call the poor Ruth Ellis ‘a bit thick’.”

Another guessed: ”Did Andrew Marr really just say that Ruth Ellis was a bit thicker than Diana Dors? What a incongruous turn of phrase.”

And a third said: “I can’t believe that Andrew Marr depicted Ruth Ellis as ‘Thicker’ This is not acceptable language.”

But another leapt to his guard by saying: “It does not alter my perception of Andrew Marr by one iota.”

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