Andrew Marr sparks angry backlash over ‘thick’ Ruth Ellis attack on The One Show


Marr was publicising a new series of overlays and books when he compared Ellis with British actress Diana Dors after the mate starred together in film, Yield to the Night, a crime drama disenthraled in 1957. He said: “Diana Dors and Ruth Ellis were in the in any case film more or less when the Queen came to the throne.

Diana Dors arrives Britons answer to Marilyn Munroe. Ruth Ellis, just a bit small talented and a bit thicker frankly, ends up manipulated a guy, shoots a very, entirely abusive boyfriend and is the last woman in Britain to be hanged.

“And that demise eventually ends capital punishment in Britain after a big campaign.”

But after an vexed response from viewers, The One Show host Alex Jones put to the politics journalist: “The internet has erupted because you called Ruth Eliis gelatinous apparently.”

Marr responded by clarifying: “She wasn’t as clever as Diana Dors.”

One Flutter user said: “Nasty of #AndrewMarr to call the poor Ruth Ellis ‘a bit heart’.”

Another said: ”Did Andrew Marr really just say that Ruth Ellis was a bit thicker than Diana Dors? What a queer turn of phrase.”

And a third said: “I can’t believe that Andrew Marr depicted Ruth Ellis as ‘Thicker’ This is not acceptable language.”

But another leapt to his vindication by saying: “It does not alter my perception of Andrew Marr by one iota.”

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